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Early History

Early in 1949, our founder - Wong Toong Yuen moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong and established Peninsula Spinners in 1947, and Hong Kong Cotton Mills , established in 1948.

HKS Group International Limited

On 1 April 1954 HKS Group International Limited (HKS Group International Limited, still commonly referred to as HKS), was established after the consolidation of Peninsula Spinners and Hong Kong Cotton Mills.

HKS Group International Limited Industrial Building

In October 1965, phase One of the Hong Kong Spinners Industrial Building was completed. Many new industries were being established in Hong Kong during the 1960s, so it made sense to use the vacant land on the Hong Kong Spinners site to construct an attached factory.

More phases of this ambitious plan were built over the years, with a grand opening held in October 1970, when a total of four multistorey industrial buildings had been completed, with a total space of 850,000 square feet, and more in the pipeline. In 1973, we set up our factory in Indonesia.


Today we have more than 7,000 employees.
With 100 years history & experience in textile manufacturing, fully integrated production facilities. Including Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing & Finishing, Denim Home Textiles, and garment industries.

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